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Welcome home!, Hand-selected from nearly 1000 nominee, higher Earth citizens, our USEPES™ speakers represent some of the most brilliant minds and hearts, innovative thinkers in the unifying earth field of this XXI Century. Are you a being striving for excellence, impact, and success?

Become a trained and civil certified New WORLD Teacher - U S E - Join our higher Earth re-evolutionary opportunity, via the Learn+Teach=Earn™ Gold program

Become a trained and civil certified New WORLD Teacher - W P F - Join our higher Earth re-evolutionary opportunity, via the Learn+Teach=Earn™ Silver program

USEPES™ will be incredibly innovative with the highest standards in web-readiness. Energistically scalable and future-proof with core competencies, vis-a-vis impactful experiences. USEPES™ will dramatically change the future of your world for the better.

Carlos Arias Reggeti

Head of World Philosophical Forum Ecuadorian Branch

By partnering with the world’s leading experts in the unifying earth field, we offer master interactive and digital experiences that cover a variety of innovative, and dynamic re-evolutionary disciplines.

PLANETIZE EARTH SUMMIT About to change the whole civil Earth for the better.

  • Learn From the Best

    New WORLD Leaders, New WORLD Teachers, and all are already New WORLD Citizens of the highest Earth
  • Become The Best

    We at USEPES™ are not just some pride ourselves and stop at the highest education kind of peoples, We of the higher Earth bring you that extra profound step beyond all, through higher states of consciousness in cognition, through creativity and ultimately to a New World Harmony.
  • Another Interesting Fact

    A new historical reality is already underway and it's progress



Dramatically expedite yourself into the ever more unveiling 1 single universal and unified supranational civil state - Earth's first, going through this higher Earth portal with a lucrative cooperative and collaborative opportunity. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We urge you to get involved in this civil learning initiative and civil teaching initiative as soon as possible. Regards Prince Muhammad Jeseus Chrishna - Director. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Helping Top Humanistic and Philosophical Values back to Humanity. ___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ May all beings be peaceful, May all beings be civil, May all beings be free of suffering, May all beings be joyful, May all beings be blissful. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


We'll do everything we can to make this our next epic project!